The U.S.-Japan Educational Exchange Council is dedicated to educational exchange between Japan and the U.S.A.
For people who want to study Japanese and Japanese culturec 
For people who want to study English and American culturec

It is our mission to be the bridge between nations!

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 Get a true sense of Japan's nature, culture, the history
 by living in a Japanese mountain village!

 Japanese Language and Culture Studies Program

   Summer Camp in Gifu 2011 
 for the students, 4th Grader to 12th Grader




 Japanese Mountain Village Life Experience Program@
   Working Experience Course
for the collage students and youth
   Japanese Life Experience Course
for the middle-aged and senior persons


 You can study Japanese language and culture in U.S.!
 Japanese Life and Language Experience Program
  Japanese Home's Life Experience Course
  Japanese Language Studies Course
  Exchange with Japanese Experience Course

Please contact us about this program.


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